Sleep baby!

I have set an impossible sleep pattern with Hazel. It’s really coming to bite me in the ass too. She’s teething now, full on. She’d been hinting at it for a couple of weeks now but the last few nights have just been getting progressively worse. But how can I put this happy chunk to bed unhappy?

No mistake, this is the face of evil.
She’s not grumpy. But she protests when I’m not doing the right thing. Last night we snuggled on the couch for 4 hours with her face in my face so she could smile at and talk to my hairline. So she drifts off on her own then wakes up whimpering and I’m so sleepy I just pull her back for snuggles and watch three more episodes of “Friends”. And play on my phone editing pictures and such. I need a nap. But Hazel is pretty certain she does not.


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One thought on “Sleep baby!

  1. What a cutie! I had a young teether too. My lo couldn’t handle a teether when she first started so we used waterproof teething mittens on her

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