Cloth Diapering

We’re all on board with cloth diapering Hazel, it was quite a task to convince the husband that this was the way to go. Spend a lot now to not spend a lot later. So instead we’re buying here and there and building our stash slowly and currently doing more laundry then ever. If I didn’t have a washer in my apartment and a flat rate water bill I would have totally lost the cloth diapering argument.


Some of my adorable useless fleece covers I made… *sob*

So I started trying to make my own diapers. Uh. I am a newish seamstress. This didn’t go well. I sewed about 12 covers using a free pattern (sources below). I didn’t spend a lot. The fleece you’d want to use is a polar or blizzard or Anti-Pill that repels water. A good test for this? Drip some water on it. And incase you aren’t somewhere with a known water repellent fleece (JoAnn’s – Anti Pill and Blizzard) you can totally casually drip some water on a corner and see if it beads or absorbs.


But I totally recommend doing this AFTER the baby gets here. I sewed mine up before we had Hazel and her big old chunky thighs didn’t fit through the leg holes! So GO ME. My next step was covers. Gerber has the best plastic pants but you can only order sizes smaller then Toddler online. I got a set of 3-6 months. They really rock but are sweaty so I don’t put them on her for nap time or over night as long as I have my PUL covers. So I ordered 3 PUL covers from¬†¬†Lovely Pocket Diapers.


Yeah, I’ve gotten better at stuffing covers, haha

These are awesome. They are inexpensive and wonderful and awesome. I didn’t get any inserts. I went out and got two packs of the Gerber Prefolds for $22 and then 2 packs of Flour Sack towels from Wal-mart for $10. I made inserts with the flour sack towels, by cutting them up and an old flannel sheet I got 20 inserts from 10 towels. WOOT! Its actually fairly easy and I’ll post a link to the site I found that gave me the idea at the bottom.



At the end of the day I ended up spending about $80 on the whole mess. And I wasn’t as savy as I should have been, regretfully. I see spots I should have skipped or places that spending an extra buck would have saved me some time.

If you are crafty and want to go about making your own fluff I recommend these pages:

Just need info about cloth diapering?

Cute SAHM&D shops?


**NOTE** I am not an expert. I am still learning. I will update this page or add other entries as I see need. I’m ENJOYING learning about cloth diapering. So if you have a fun tidbit for me or something you think I should mention that would be awesome!




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