Eddie and His Words

Eddie is at the age where he’s becoming quite the conversationalist. We talk about a lot of things, from our talks I know he’s wondering when his “tat OOs” will grow. And if they’ll look like Daddy’s. He thinks that Dinosaurs are awesome but doesn’t want to meet one because they might eat mommy. And being small is “so dumb”.

Its funny how being kind of an overprotective mom has created this self confident and charming individual. He’s the first to introduce himself in the little Gym or at the playground -”I Eddie”. He’s not good at sharing yet, especially balls but he will hand over the toy if he notices the other child is upset, baby steps.

His loves include Yo Gabba Gabba, Fresh Beat Band, Call Me Maybe (he knows all the words) and stacking towers with his mega blocks. He will try and survive on one food for weeks at a time. Lately its Cheese Balls. I know! His fingers are permanently orange! And he’ll do anything with the promise of chocolate chips.

It’s not easy navigating the roads of motherhood or parenthood really, we experience mom bullies, judgey people who just can’t help but tell you how you’re doing it wrong, illnesses and long sleepless nights. But man, sometimes its just unreal how worth it it all is.

Oh well here is one wedding picture for you!

Eddie and Me


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