New Year Resolutions for My Toddler

I decided to do my own after reading Mommy Shorts year end sum up of her daughter Mazzy’s New Year Resolutions from last year (read it here!)

Eddie’s 23month old New Year Resolutions include:

  1. I will sleep when my parents sleep, between the hours of 9pm and 9am. I will also nap. Or I won’t nap but I won’t be crabby about it!480778_10151329487439844_1627013747_n
  2. I will happily change to sleeping in a big boy bed!
  3. I will cut back on chocolate chips and instead demand apple and cheese plates and eat whatever is offered at dinner, as my mommy always tries to make my food yum!
  4. I will stop taking every opportunity to run into the road, the road is NOT a fun place to play even though they have awesome steps down and up to get to them!
  5. I will stop demanding bottles, I will not go on a liquid strike when mommy takes my bottle away. I will master the straw.
  6. I will sleep with more stuffed animals at night, a kiddo can never have too many stuffed animals.
  7. I will start potty training and I’ll stop taking off my diaper and peeing in front of the bathroom door. Thats no fun for anyone (but me).
  8. Three times is enough to read “Minnie Mouse’s favorite things”. We’ll work on it.
  9. I will start helping Foo Cat with his diet goals by not feeding him chicken nuggets.
  10. I will start coloring in the designated coloring places (not the walls, windows, excreta…) and I will totally support mommy’s pinterest addiction by doing all the crafts without crying when my hands get icky and have to be washed off.
  11. I will let mommy and daddy clean off my face with a wash cloth. And brush my hair. At some point I have to accept that I am not a feral child.165033_10151315081964844_1349686279_n
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