It’s been freaking cold, I’m sure you know that though if you live anywhere in the USA (except Hawaii and Florida according to all the braggers on my FB!) It’s been in the single digits most of the week here, when it breaks 20 you’d think it was down right balmy out!

We’ve been on cold/flu lock down while Eddie battles a wicked cold-his first experience with what he’s calling “natures booger” but I’ve dubbed “Satan’s snot”. It’s everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Hazel is fighting it off now and I am at the tail end of my turn with it.

So anyways… While I have been a lump on a log doing nothing but wiping noses and helping Eddie hoard dogs on Nintendogs I’ve also been rediscovering my love of crochet! Not that I ever lost it, but the ease of sewing on the machine had put crocheting on the back burner. So I started with a hat for Hazel :



Penguin Hat! Repeat Crafter Me has some seriously fun patterns! My only beef was the hats run small… Or I used the wrong weight of yarn. Which could totally be the issue!

I made Eddie a minion hat:

Pieced together from several patterns I found on Pinterest.
I usually crochet by light of the tv at night while Hazel is watching the Office to fall asleep. So so far my projects are kinda rough, but this practice is good and I’ll start crocheting by daylight here soon to have things to sell at the craft fairs this spring and summer!

Fitness week2

Grand total of 4.3lbs lost last week which is amazing as I
A. Ate an entire bag of Hershey Kiss Hugs last night and
B. haven’t moved my booty since last… Wednesday? Since the kids have needed 120% of my attention and then some.

Today I have the funk that is passing through the house but I’m going to continue on with the plank challenge and… Well… We’ll see after that.
I took before pictures but I don’t think I’ll reveal until I get to my goal. Because ew. I look awful…
My Happy Scale app says I’ll be to my goal in August if I keep this up, that’s enough to make me want to step up my game!

The Sick

My babies are sick. Or they were. Eddie had a horrible cold with a high fever and he really powered through his first “not the only baby” illness with only a little rage. Poor kid. Hazel is still working through it. She’s had a fever and is getting her first good nap in a while thanks to her big brother being out with his daddy for a little bit.

I should be cleaning, cooking…showering, but instead I’m just going to sit next to her here and listen to her breath. She doesn’t like to snuggle when she’s this hot, so different then her brother who didn’t ever want to be put down. She’s far more independent.


Last night we were very happy in our loud sleeper. Haha!

The Mess.

I am pretty much letting my house run to shambles. I know, this is like… the opposite of what I should be doing. I don’t want to be that mom who lives like a hoarder while her house goes to seed, literal seed. Things growing and plant life and what not from my utter filth.

I just grossed myself out a little.

But its time to face some truths about my life. Some things that will help me go to bed not feeling the momshame and guilt.

  1. The mess will be there in the morning.
  2. No kid ever said “Remember the day my mom spent cleaning the bathroom?” (thanks for that reminder Aunt Barb!)

I don’t like to clean. I live under this “I am really organized” line that I feed people just so they don’t judge me on first meeting- that’s like… the adult thing to say, right? “Oh I’m so organized I hate messes.” then they come to my house and I’m having cold flop sweats because I haven’t done the dinner dishes from last night and my craft area is really just where bits of paper and shredded fabric reside and it looks like a daycare center vomited its toys in my living room. “Oh… ha. ha… you caught me on a…laundry day…”.

I vacuum. I clean the toilet. I do dishes. Every day. All the HAVE TOOs to keep our home from getting smelly (okay, I have two kids in diapers…smell is gonna happen) and disease ridden. But the clutter is insane. And I just let it go. I know where things are. When it gets bad I start crying and yelling until Brad takes Eddie to the playground so I can clean his mess.

So this is my vow. I will stop stressing. I will start doing the dishes to completion every day. And I will start investing in bins for all my random crap. That almost makes me a grown up, right?


The Cold

I’ve been failing seriously at keeping my toddler boy entertained! We’ve pretty much been riding out the “artic vortex” with nick jr and fuzzy pjs.

There isn’t anything that could get me outside, not going to lie, it’s so cold it’s unsafe to go play so figuring out indoor activities is a must. I’m at a loss though!
Mostly he just wants to play ball or chase which might be fun for him inside but not so much for me or my house!
So my home is a mess of hot wheels and blankets. The pool noodle has become a tunnel launcher and the table is covered in Thomas Trains and we have memorized the tv line up.

He’s learned the abc song and has memorized his favorite books and reads them to Hazel… Oh I can’t wait to go outside again though!


Fitness, week 1

According to my Happy Scale app I’ve lost a whole 2lbs. Not biggest loser grand but pretty good for a full time mom with two kids and about 15 minutes a day to work out!

Day 6 of the plank challenge is a rest day (yay!) and I am loving the whole deal! Planks really are great for body toning and my abs, arms, rear and thighs are feeling it. I’m pairing the plank challenge with supermans to strengthen my back as well.

Can’t wait to get my sneakers and start training for the 5k!

We’re also doing a diet overhaul, right now we eat a lot of pasta so I need to start working on cutting that out! A budget is in order, but hopefully I’ll be able to figure that out soon!

Sleep baby!

I have set an impossible sleep pattern with Hazel. It’s really coming to bite me in the ass too. She’s teething now, full on. She’d been hinting at it for a couple of weeks now but the last few nights have just been getting progressively worse. But how can I put this happy chunk to bed unhappy?

No mistake, this is the face of evil.
She’s not grumpy. But she protests when I’m not doing the right thing. Last night we snuggled on the couch for 4 hours with her face in my face so she could smile at and talk to my hairline. So she drifts off on her own then wakes up whimpering and I’m so sleepy I just pull her back for snuggles and watch three more episodes of “Friends”. And play on my phone editing pictures and such. I need a nap. But Hazel is pretty certain she does not.